Leskes “Love + Light” Diamonds

Leskes Jewellers “Love + Light” diamond collections are carefully and individually selected by Sandra to ensure consistent high quality of colour, excellent cut and outstanding clarity. Our selection criteria is strict and rigorous to ensure a life time of sparkle and performance under all lighting conditions and s as always meeting our quality and value standards.  

Our fine jewellery pieces are finished to a high standard and crafted to last a lifetime. Our work and our pieces are superior to prefabricated and manufactured jewellery and we pride ourselves on the quality and weight of our gold alloys. We fully document, certify and guarantee your purchase, as well as supplying you with the provision of independent diamond grading certificates by recognised authorities including GIA, IGI, IGL and AGL  certified diamonds and gems.

Leskes Jewellers employs fully qualified and expert master jewellers with many years experience to offer the perfect “Made to order” service on engagement rings, wedding rings, dress rings or special custom and bespoke pieces. We work closely with you, throughout the entire process, in grading and selecting your perfect diamond or gemstone and the entire design process. We will guide and advise you on the best options in metal alloys to achieve the outcome you want – a sparkling, quality piece which will last forever.

Have you thought about insurance to protect your jewellery?

Q Report provides cover both inside and outside your home. You will be insured for damage, theft or even loss. It is an agreed value policy with many more features and benefits, including the ability to return to us as your preferred jeweller for replacement or repair.

Learn more about protecting your jewellery with Q Report by clicking here.