The Leskes Team

Sandra Greenberger

Owner + Designer 

Professional and a true perfectionist, Sandra is the owner here at Leskes Jewellers. One conversation with Sandra and you’ll feel her passion for creativity and her extensive knowledge in the industry and feel confident that she’s the perfect person to create you a special piece.  Sandra understands the importance of trust and building a relationship based on honesty and communication, which is just one of the reasons why you’ll love the process of working with her!  Sandra’s appreciation for the details means that Leskes Jewellers is at the forefront of fabulous and exclusive pieces that customers simply can't get enough of.  Sandra makes it her mission to source you the perfect stone and will scour the globe to ensure it’s just right and perfect for your individual needs. 


Alex Coleborn


Boutique Manager

Alex is our boutique Manager.  Alex is an absolute star when it comes to styling and displaying our beautiful pieces at their best and can assist you with building your own jewellery wardrobe.  We all love what we do and can’t wait to share our expertise with you. It is our ethos of trust, respect and integrity that we are renowned for and would love to help you discover the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one .