Your story begins here, at Leskes, where your imagination meets the beauty of bespoke jewellery.

Welcome to a world of enchantment and elegance, where jewellery becomes more than just an accessory—it transforms into a reflection of your unique story. Led by the spirited owner herself, Sandra, Leskes are the custom jewellers you don’t want to miss, and dropping in to see us is always a treat.

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Leskes Jewellers is more than a jewellery store; it's an oasis of passion and creativity. And at the helm of this sparkling ship is Sandra, a visionary with a distinctive take on jewellery. Her journey into the world of jewellery is as unique as the pieces she creates. Having taken on a small store 12 years ago in Port Fairy, Victoria, and learning the business from the ground up, she has created something much more than a shop, she has created a timeless and unforgettable experience that will have you telling it at the dinner table. 

Image of the founder Sandra Greenberger standing in her shop front wearing a white top with flowers embroidered on the right hand side.

Sandra's approach to jewellery is truly exceptional. She believes that jewellery should be more than just beautiful; it should be an expression of individuality. A story told through gemstones and metals. And it's this unique perspective that sets Leskes apart from the rest. Leskes specialises in custom jewellery, and remodels. If grandma's ring just isn’t your style, we can update it, upgrade it, and make it uniquely yours, keeping your heirlooms relevant and most importantly letting them live on. If you imagined something special and could just never find it, we can take that vision and make it a reality. 

A couple admiring a ring in the shop with the woman looking at her partner longingly

At Leskes, we're all about personalization. Sandra and her team are not just skilled at finding the right piece for you, they're storytellers who genuinely listen. They want to know your desires, your dreams, and your style. Your journey with Leskes is all about YOU. From ready made pieces that adorn our showroom, to custom jewellery made just for you, dropping into Leskes is a non-negotiable.

An array of various rings

The Leskes experience doesn't conclude when you walk out the door. It's just the start of a lifelong partnership. Sandra and the team are here to celebrate your joys, to commemorate your milestones, and to make every special moment an occasion. 

Your story begins here, at Leskes, where your imagination meets the beauty of bespoke jewellery. It is your personal invitation to experience magic all day every day. 

We can't wait to meet you in store soon.