Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is sneaking up on us fast and we all want to avoid that last minute scramble to find our special someone the perfect gift.

Here are some tips from Peregian Beach's Leskes Jewellers team to get you started with this Christmas.

Firstly, If you’re looking for something at the higher end that’s not an engagement ring then our gift of choice is a diamond tennis bracelet. They are quickly becoming the must have item in any jewellery wardrobe and we have a variety of styles from traditional tennis to the newer cupcake styles in the Peregian Beach store now. Prices vary depending on the size of the stones, the total carat weight and if the diamonds are mined or ethically grown. They all however are stunning and your beloved will not be disappointed if you’re going to pop one of these under the tree.

Diamond tennis bracelet

Our second gift of choice this year is diamond studs. As your local jeweller, Leskes Jewellers, has studs in a range of sizes and designs and none of us bower birds can have too many pairs of these sparkling beauties. They are available in a number of price points and we can generally  find a pair to suit most price points. You could match these up with a diamond pendant to create a set either for Christmas or another special occasion. Another clever idea would be to throw in a set of “Lox” earring backs. These backs are available in our Peregian Beach store and ensure earrings are held securely and provide peace of mind when wearing them every day or for a special event. They are designed with a spring mechanism to ensure no more lost earrings. 

diamond studs

When the sun comes out so does our desire for pearls and there is no shortage of options at Leskes Jewellers. There’s the higher end south sea pearls from Broome ranging to the more affordable fresh water pearl styles. A safe and classic choice is your classic round pearl but everyone also loves the baroque uniquely shaped pearls as they are one of a kind. Again, you could match earrings up with a pendant or strand or just go with either on their own. As a client recently told us “You can’t have enough pearls” darlings. 


Lastly, but not at all least, everyone loves a Gift Voucher.  We present our Leskes vouchers in a gorgeous gift envelope that look equally as good under the tree on Christmas eve.

Time is running out so we hope that these ideas give you some help in the frantic lead up to Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you soon and Merry Christmas!