Travelling with Jewellery

Now that we can travel again it is important to think about how we protect our jewellery when travelling.

Whether its an overseas jaunt or exploring some of Australia’s attractions like the Sunshine Coast Region, it is important to consider what to do with your jewellery while you are away.

Everyone that buys a piece from Leskes Jewellers in Peregian Beach of course wants to show it off and wear it as much as possible. Who doesn’t love flashing their Pink Argyle diamond earrings, or their custom made diamond solitaire engagement ring? Unfortunately this may not be the best idea when travelling. The safest thing to do is to leave your jewellery in a secure place at home. The next best is to ensure you store it in a hotel safe when not wearing it while on holidays.

If you do take your expensive pieces with you, make sure they are adequately insured. It’s a great idea to photograph them as proof of ownership if something happens while you are away and you need to make an insurance claim. Leskes Jewellers in Peregian Beach provides valuations for high value pieces that will also assist with any insurance claim.

Some of the bigger cities around the world are beautiful and attract many tourists. Unfortunately they also attract pickpockets and thieves, so don’t wear your expensive pieces that may attract unwanted attention.

The last tip is to pack your jewellery in a secure, hard sided case or container to prevent any damage during travel. Leskes Jewellers can provide advice as to how to pack and where you may be able to purchase secure and safe travel cases for your jewellery.

And make sure you drop into our Peregian Beach store when you get back to tell us all about your trip!