Insuring your Jewellery

There is not many better feelings than picking up your beautiful ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings from Leskes Jewellers in Peregian Beach and trying them on for the first time.

Pearls, mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, gold, silver or coloured gems, our clients love them all.

Sometimes, when caught up in the moment, we can forget about the importance of insuring our jewellery.

Insuring your jewellery is important in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged.

You should insure your jewellery for its replacement cost and it’s important to remember that gold and diamonds increase in value over time. Leskes Jewellers provides valuations for valuable pieces which can provide proof of replacement value for your insurer. We also recommend photographing your jewellery to assist in its description and as further proof of ownership.

There are a number of insurance companies that specialize in insuring jewellery but most insurers that cover household items will also cover jewellery. Discuss with your insurer the best option and whether to insure individual pieces or your entire collection.  Leskes Jewellers recommends Q Report as an insurance option and can provide a quote at the time of purchase.

Leskes Jewellers clients from right across the Sunshine Coast region have fell in love with their engagement ring, diamond tennis bracelet, gold chain or pearl earrings and they could not imagine what they would do without them.

Please organise your insurance today to protect yourself from any heartbreak in the future.