Am I getting value for money?

A key question when purchasing an item of Jewellery is how do I know I am getting value for money?

It’s a really good question.

Whether you’re buying an engagement ring, gold bangle, pearl earrings or a beautiful pendant, it is important that you are confident that you are getting a good price.

Leskes Jewellers in Peregian Beach prides itself on providing value for money. Leskes is confident it provides value for money due to its competitive bargaining power with suppliers, its ability to source products and stones from suppliers all over the world and operating in a regional area (Sunshine Coast) where overheads are significantly less than metropolitan jewellers.

Nevertheless, we encourage clients to compare prices to assist them in their purchasing decisions.

The important thing when comparing prices for your jewellery is that you are comparing like for like.

If you are comparing diamonds, be they minded or lab grown, it is important that you consider the 4 C’s, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight.

The cut is all about the sparkle. If you want an excellent cut grade diamond, then make sure the prices you compare are all the same excellent grade.

Colour grade in diamonds starts at D and goes to Z. D,E and F are the top grades and what we encourage that you aim for. The lower the letter from there will throw more and more yellow, taking away the sparkle of your diamond. Again, make sure you compare the same colour when comparing prices.

Clarity refers to the natural inclusions you can see in a 10x magnifying lens. We encourage our clients to aim for an SI clarity. All diamonds will have inclusions, so ask to see the diamond certificate to allow you to compare.

Carat weight is all about the size. When comparing size, you might see a 1.5 carat diamond that is cheaper than a 1.2 carat diamond. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheaper. The larger diamond may be of less quality than the smaller. This is why it’s important you take into account all 4 C’s when comparing diamonds.

It is a similar story for precious gems such as emeralds and sapphires. Make sure you are comparing like for like to ensure you get the best deal.

If you are comparing gold, ensure that the colour matches (i.e. Is it white, yellow or rose) and that the carat rating is the same. The lower the number (e.g. 9ct) will be cheaper than 18ct or 24ct.

When you are comparing any stone or piece of jewellery we strongly encourage that you personally see the item and any accompanying documentation.

Leskes Jewellers provides certification for all of its diamonds and valuations for higher value pieces.

Whatever you’re after. Leskes Jewellers in Peregian Beach is confident it can offer you a great deal so visit us on line or in store today to check out our range.